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What Is Your Super Power? 1 Co 12: 8-11

Discovering that you have “super powers” and what they are is not a choice. Whether you believe it or not every human being has been given something. Choosing to use your “super power” for good or evil is your choice And, well, I am not talking about being able to leap over a tall building in a single bound, or using x-ray vision to see through buildings, bending steel with your bare hands, or being faster than a speeding bullet. No, these are “gifts” the Creator of the Universe distributes to every one of His creation before they are born.

Firstly, every human being was created in the likeness and image of The Creator, Who is God. The Book of Genesis, Chapter 1 verses 26-27 and Genesis Chapter 5:1 will confirm this.

Secondly, The same God mentioned above is The One Who performed many great signs, miracles and wonders through many of His servants, in the Old Testament of Scripture. In Exodus 11:10, God told Moses and Aaron to do wonders before, pharaoh and in Acts 15:12, Barnabas and Paul were given audience by the multitude as they declared the miracles and wonders God had performed by their hands. Not only this, but Jesus demonstrated the Power of His Father many times as well. The miracles, signs and wonders Jesus performed were unprecedented yet He even dared declare if we believe in Him, greater works than He did, we shall do.

Because The Almighty God is Supernatural, He gives supernatural abilities and gifts to all those who come to Him specifically, through His Son. These super abilities and powers are dormant in each one of us before He actually forms us in the womb. He knew who you’d be and what you were created to do. He decides what those “super powers” will be even before you are a thought in your parents mind (Jer. 1:5). But in order for your “super powers “ to activate correctly you must believe that The Father in Heaven sent His Only Begotten Son to be your Savior…and that His blood which was shed more than 2000 years ago, cleanses you completely from your sins (which will eternally separate you from your Heavenly Father), and, allow Him to be The Lord of your life. In giving your life to His Son, Jesus committing to serve Him, those “super powers” and abilities within you come alive… Therefore, those “super powers” are Holy Spirit activated. (When Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended back to Heaven, The Holy Spirit was then sent to be the Comforter and Helper here on Earth (John14:16 & John 16:7).

What type of “super powers” can you possibly receive? Not only are there “super powers” you receive, there are special signs that follow you, and you get special super power “armor” also.


Jesus said these signs that will follow you are: In My Name, you will be able to get evil spirits out of people, you will be able to speak in a language you have never learned, you would be able to handle serpents and if you drink anything deadly it will not hurt you; and you will be able to lay your hands on sick people and those people will get well.


The special armor is for standing against the enemies (devil) wiles. That armor is a loin guard of Truth, a breastplate of righteousness, protective cover for your feet which is the preparation of the Gospel of Peace; a shield of faith; a helmet (salvation) and above all a special sword (which is more powerful than any on earth. It is the sword of The Spirt which is The Word of God! (Eph. 6:11-17)


The “super powers” referenced above are:

By The Spirit that came from God; the Word of Wisdom (not just wisdom beyond human knowledge, but knowing what will happen with people, places and things in the future);

The Word of Knowledge (not just supernatural knowledge beyond one’s education); but knowing information about people, places and things presently and from the past;

Faith (a supernatural ability to believe beyond what is normal);

Gifts of Healing (being able to pray, lay your hands on a person, teach on healing and people are supernaturally healed every time, and are healed from diseases said to be incurable).

Working of Miracles (unbelievable occurrences that surpass explanation)

Prophecy (hearing exactly from Holy Spirit what to tell someone based on what God is saying, and build up, exhort and comfort others supernaturally);

Discerning of spirits (Not just being able to identify or know exactly what bad spirits are working in the lives of others, or in your own life but also being able to physically and spiritually see those evil spirits as well as, physically and literally see Angels);

Different tongues (This is a supernatural ability to speak a language that is unknown. And sometimes you may speak a known language you have never learned);

Interpretation of tongues (this is an ability to interpret the unknown language.

Some people have a supernatural ability in that they can bring peace to volatile situations, or supernatural ability to organize, invest, create businesses, run companies, connect different ethnic groups, dance, create art, music, etc. These gifts, abilities and “super powers” are on a whole other level once they are discovered and more to the point, dedicated and set apart for The Heavenly Father’s use as originally intended. With the Power of Holy Spirit, the super powers given to us are unbeatable, unstoppable and necessary in order to help reconcile a fallen world back to The One Who Created All Things!

So, what’s YOUR “super power?”

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