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This Really Cool Kid Named, Lucas

Have you ever noticed how absolutely beautiful every child affected by childhood cancer or other diseases are? Certainly, the seriousness of these horrible diseases warrants our continued prayers, steadfast commitment and all the financial support necessary to assist finding cures once and for all.

There is something heart-wrenching about enduring the pain of seeing your child suffer so. The courage and strength these little ones possess is a testament of how much God truly loves them and makes His Presence known and that He is watching and sees His little ones as they go through such difficult trials.

Yet, every child I have seen whether on television, or internet ads or in person, have a beauty that is awe inspiring considering all they and their parents go through in dealing with such horrible diseases; it is as if Father God places His Grace and Beauty on each of them purposely. You can see the light that surrounds them.

Why then does God allow these little ones to go through what they do? Certainly, He is not the promoter of sickness and disease. However, He is the originator of healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual; Grace, Strength and the absolute Beauty that is upon each of these children. You can see it on each of them.

This is to remind us how beautiful they are and reiterate the fact that there is a divine purpose for their lives; even when we do not fully understand the reasons for the “why!”

Having said that, there is this really cool kid named “Lucas” who I am convinced is a super hero-baby, with dormant super powers, yet to be discovered.

Lucas, is about nineteen (19) months old now and has endured serious medical surgeries. The first time I saw a picture of Lucas, I could see he was happy, vibrant and it appeared as if he was glowing. It was evident that he is a very special baby born to super-hero parents. His young mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was 6 months pregnant with him, enduring several rounds of chemotherapy treatment and his dad, a young super-intellect. Both super-hero parents have an inward resolve and strength and an outward grace expressed.

Baby Lucas as I call him, was born with two little feet that did not form as they normally would, although corrective surgery is viable. But nonetheless, like every baby does, he would often attempt to pull his little socks off every time they were put back on him. No fear, no insecurities…just normal, happy, baby stuff! Baby Lucas is one of the most temperate, friendliest, playful baby’s. His personality grabs you! He is the coolest little kid!

Let us continue to pray for and support childhood disease research in whatever way we are able.

The lesson, never allow anything to stop you or disqualify you from being happy, full of joy, normal and from fulfilling the destiny for which you were born. Find the lesson in the trial.

[“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Mt 19:14]

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